Congratulations to the cast of Almost, Maine

Prologue, Interlogue, and Epilogue
Samantha Murray as GINETTE, has dated Pete for a little while.
Andrew Williams as PETE, has dated Ginette for a little while.

Scene 1: Her Heart
Gene Powell as EAST, a repairman.
Stephanie Clark as GLORY, a hiker.

Scene 2: Sad and Glad
Jon Murray as JIMMY, a heating and cooling guy.
Eden Butler as SANDRINE, his ex-girlfriend.
Arianna Salas as THE WAITRESS, no-nonsense type.

Scene 3: This Hurts
Elizabeth Orani as MARVALYN, a woman, good at protecting herself.
Brady Suggs as STEVE, a kind fellow whose brother protects him.

Scene 4: Getting It Back
Amber Gray as GAYLE, longtime girlfriend of Lendall.
Brian Serrano as LENDALL, longtime boyfriend of Gayle. 

Scene 5: They Fell
Aaron Callaway as CHAD, a “Country boy”, Randy’s best friend.
Cody Whitaker as RANDY, another “Country boy”, Chad’s best friend.

Scene 6: Where It Went
Joseph Ward as PHIL, a working man 
Brianna McKown as MARCI, his hard-working wife. 

Scene 7: Story of Hope
Cristi Lloyd as HOPE, who has traveled the world. 
Matt Rist as a MAN, who has not.
(Arianna Salas as SUZETTE, an offstage voice not listed in the program)

Scene 8: Seeing the Thing
Alejandro Quezada as DAVE, the not-so-tough man who loves her.
Destinee Lopez as RHONDA, a tough woman.


Director: Carl Moore