What an AMAZING turn out for our holiday show, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Auditions! 87, that's right 87 individuals came out and gave fabulous auditions! I could have cast this show two or even three times! Unfortunately, we were unable to cast everyone. PLEASE do not let this discourage you from coming out and auditioning again! Remember theatre roles depend on many things: age, looks, conflicts with the rehearsal process, and much much more. We hope that if you were not cast, you will reach out and help us back stage, with tech, or front of house duties for our performances! Thank you for making this decision such a challenging one! I'm looking forward to working with all of you!
-Jessi Willmann, Director

CAST LIST for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever:
Father (Bob Bradley): Aaron Callaway
Mother (Grace Bradley): Allison Mendoza
Beth Bradley: Sadie Tolbert
Charlie Bradley: Tate Butler
Ralph Herdman: Sam Weaks
Imogene Herdman: Alivia Melgoza
Leroy Herdman: Damian Benavides
Claude Herdman: Tobias Stevenson
Ollie Herdman: Levi Patrick
Gladys Herdman: Jayli Whitten
Alice Wendleken- Celeste Troschinelz
Mrs. Armstrong: Parker Hashem
Mrs. Slocum: Molly Whitten
Mrs. Clark/Shepherd: Kylie Reyes
Mrs. Clausing: Amanda Castellanos
Mrs. McCarthy: Christina Stevenson
Maxine: Isabella Carrasco
Elmer Hopkins: Rohan Reed
Hobie: Jaxon Hamilton
David: Dillon Richard
Beverly: Nori Hashem
Fireman/Shepherd: Rowdy Mendoza
Fireman: Jordan Hamilton
Shirley: Kiara Granado
Juanita: Aleena Bustos
Doris: Tylee Stevenson
Reverend Hopkins: D'Alice Belanger
Shepherd: Rowan Hashem
Angel Choir: Harper Lynn, Thamus Stevenson, Alona Lee
Baby Angels: Cody Whitten, Arleth Benavides, Phoenix Mendoza